Kolby thinks it would be fun to become a professional baker! With a love for food, he also enjoys cooking.

Kolby thinks it would be fun to become a professional baker! With a love for food he also enjoys cooking. When Kolby’s favorite building toys are near, he could spend ...

A budding actor, Jaid had the time of his life when he performed in the school production of “Shrek!”

A budding actor, Jaid had the time of his life when he performed in the school production of “Shrek!” Sharing a laugh with him is common, as this comical young ...

Why Join UFA?

United for Adoption: •    Gives voice, to birth parents who placed for adoption. •    Gives adoptive children, birth parents and adoptive parents the opportunity to interact in healthy ways through ...


Birth Parent Retreat – Colorado Chapter

The UFA Colorado chapter recently had a birth parent retreat. It was ...

Thermometer of our Love

Just tonight my 10 year old son said, “So why did you ...

Our Adoption Story – Brandon

I was just an average baby in all ways but, the day ...

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Why I Will Never Refer to My Daughters as “Twiblings”

I am a mama of two beautiful girls. They are now 20 months old and 14 months old. That’s right – only six months apart. Life is wildly adventurous and beautifully chaotic with two toddlers but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My daughters have brought me more love, lessons, and adventure than I could […]

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Post-Adoption Depression. Yes, It’s a Real Thing.

Post-adoption depression, much like post-partum depression describes the stress, anxiety, and emotions that may follow after your adoption takes place. Although it may not be a formally recognized diagnosis, it is very real. It’s typically preset in new mothers by adoption after the placement has happened or the adoption is finalized. And possibly the hardest […]

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Running a 5K and Placing 3rd in Her Division is Just One of Marcial’s Many Proud Moments!

Running a 5K and placing 3rd in her division is just one of Marcial’s many proud moments! Track and basketball are her sports of choice, she loves spending time outdoors, and she has a big interest in anime. Like many teens her age, Marcial enjoys expressing herself through clothes and makeup. Participating in cultural activities […]

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Known for His Good Sense of Humor, and Outstanding Communication and Organizational Skills: “Redd” is Searching for His Forever Home

Reginald, who goes by “Redd,” is a mature young man who understands the importance of family! Redd is a proud older brother and is very attentive to his younger sister. He is known for his good sense of humor, and outstanding communication and organizational skills. If you don’t find Redd making someone laugh, you’ll find […]

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The Easy, Peasy Step-by-Step Guide to Adoption

  I almost laughed out loud when I titled this “easy peasy” because adoption is far, far from that. So, please, let me clarify.  When we decided to adopt, I knew nothing about the process. I was completely inundated and discouraged by all the things that Google told me. When you search “how to adopt”, […]

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Surviving the Holidays (When Your Arms Are Empty)

Ohhh, the holidays. The dreaded, joyful, stressful, crazy holidays. This time of year is magical but stressful for many. The gathering, gifts, decorations, expectations – it’s overwhelming. But a season of joy can become a season of (more) pain for those who desire a child but still have empty arms. If you’re on the path […]

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Vivian is Searching for Her Forever Family

Vivian is active and athletic, and channels her energy into her favorite hobby: dancing. With a great sense of humor, you’ll often hear her sharing a laugh with others. Playing video games or watching movies are Vivian’s preferred activities when she’s ready to unwind. School is one of Vivian’s top strengths. She is in eighth […]

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Moses, a natural performer with a knack for singing and dancing, and is searching for his forever home!

  Moses is a natural performer with a knack for singing and dancing! He loves music, listening to someone play the piano, and exercising his great sense of humor. This loveable child delights in being the center of attention and thinks it’s great when people clap for him as he sings and dances. Funny and […]

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The Happiest Times or The Hardest Times

By Kathy Searle, CSW In general, many parents feel a great amount of stress during the holidays. For first time parents, and even those of us who have experienced many holidays together as a family, these can be stressful times. We want to create that magic we dreamed about or even experienced when we were […]

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Adoption is Brutiful.

Glennon Doyle Melton said it best. “Life is never all brutal or all beautiful. It’s both, all the time. Life is brutiful.” This is most certainly true for adoption. The overwhelming brutality and pure majesty it brings will perhaps provide you with a new perspective on life that few others experience. When we choose this […]

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