Adoption in the News ~ Letter to Editor

“Instead of destroying a life because of inconvenience, selfishness or supposed lack of maternal instinct, give the child to a couple who actually wants one and cannot bear children on their own.

Who knows? That child may perhaps someday become a blessing to the whole of society.”

We couldn’t agree more with John Lesko from Taylorsville, ¬†Utah.
You can read Mr Lesko’s entire letter here.
Every child has the right to life and has a place in this world only they can fill.
We applaud the Mothers and the Fathers that put their child first!
Spencer Baby contest Picture
This is a picture of a child who was placed for adoption by a mother who was in the worst type of circumstances.
Those circumstances would have been other women’s excuse for an abortion and some would have thought it was what was best for the child.
Instead of seeking abortion she wanted to give him life and give him the life she never had and couldn’t give him herself.
A life with a Mom and a Dad where he could be happy.
She did the hardest thing any woman could ever do…go through pregnancy, give birth and then hand them over to someone else and trust them to give him the life she dreamed for him.
This is our child and he is a treasure!
This woman we speak of is our son’s Birth Mother and she is one of the bravest women I know!
She fought her way out of homelessness, drug abuse and mental health issues to grow a healthy baby and made plans for him to have a healthy life!
She put him first!
Adoption IS good parenting!!!
Brenda Horrocks
UFA Co-Chair

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