Be A Friend

You want to be there for a friend considering an adoption plan, but need some ideas on how to help. Scroll through for some great ideas.

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Ideas to help your friend who is making an adoption plan
Empower them to get all of the information they need.
Encourage them to go talk to someone who cares.
Be willing to listen without judgment.

Ideas to connect with the baby
Give her a journal and write encouraging notes throughout the journal.
Offer to make something with your friend to give to the baby, like matching baby blankets – one for the baby, one for the birth mom.
Give stationary and stamps to use to write letters to the child or adoptive family.

Throw a party for your friend
Shower her with gifts for herself.
Give her a coupon book that she can use. Here are some ideas:
     Free hug
     Movie night
     To talk about anything, but the pregnancy
     To talk about the pregnancy
     Free massage
     Free pedicure

During Tough Times
Offer to have sleepovers when she is really having a difficult time
Give her encouragement and let her know that she is special and has made a good decision
Give her written affirmations or scriptures

Shared with permission from the Adoption Option Council of MN.

We’d like to hear from you. What were the best ways that people supported you before and after  placement? Leave a comment below, or send your experience to us for posting.

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