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• 25% off table at conference
• 10% off event registration at UFA events for staff members
• Listed as Bronze Sponsor on UFA website

Gold Sponsor

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• Free table at the UFA conference and other events
• 50% off event registration at UFA events for staff members
• Listed as UFA Gold Sponsor on the UFA website
• The adoptive couples from the sponsoring agencies are listed on the UFA website

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About United For Adoption

Founded in 2012, United for Adoption is a nonprofit advocacy organization that promotes a culture of adoption through education, outreach, support and activities.

Our areas of focus are infant adoption, adoption out of foster care, and intercountry adoption. Passionately committed to the belief that every child deserves a nurturing, permanent family, we serve children, birth parents, adoptive families, adoption agencies, media, and the general public as a positive voice for adoption.

United for Adoption (UFA) member agencies* include both domestic and international adoption service providers who share a reputation for professionalism and excellence. In addition UFA appeals to other organizations with strong connections to the adoption community.

UFA has a diverse membership that shares in our commitment to providing loving, permanent families for children in need.

Benefits to organizations when joining UFA:

• Support forums for your adoptive parent, expectant parents, birth parents, adoptees.
• Strong coalition to promote sound adoptive practice and laws
• Provides adoption education
• Promotes the benefits of adoption
• Listed as a sponsoring agency on the UFA website
• Exhibit space is discounted for member organizations at all UFA events
• Event registration for staff of member organizations is discounted for UFA events
• Blog post by sponsoring organizations
• Back links to sponsors websites
• Seen as credible in the adoption communities
• All sponsoring agencies included as resource in United for Adoption outreach

Requirements for Organizations
• The agency or organization operates as an ethical organization under the control of a board of directors
• The agency or organization reports itself to be in good standing with its state licensing department
• If the agency is providing inter-country adoption services to families adopting children from Hague or non-Hague countries, the agency must be Hague-accredited
• The organization pledges itself to play a positive role in the community, offering leadership, financial, and manpower support advocating in behalf of birth parents, children and families.
• Although an agency is not required to agree with every UFA position, the agency needs to support the general goals of UFA to advocate for birthparents, children, and adoptive families.
• The agency is non-discriminatory on the basis of race or ethnicity in all aspects of its operations.
• The agency and its staff have a reputation within their community for transparent, ethical, and professional services.
• The agency is staffed by persons qualified, according to the requirements of their respective professions or disciplines, to provide the services offered.
• The agency agrees in advance that withholding or falsifying information is grounds for suspension of membership.

The agency provides a total of three references verifying its qualifications in the following ways: A) An endorsed letter from the state licensing authority verifying the agency’s current licensed status and good standing; OR B) A letter from the Council on Accreditation indicating the agency is currently accredited; AND C) Two letters of recommendation from appropriate adoption professionals, which may include UFA member agency directors, adoption service providers, and experts in adoption policy and practice.


“Going through the adoption process can be a very emotional experience. United For Adoption has given us a place where we feel like we ‘fit in’. We have learned so much and have gained lasting friendships with others who understand our life. We have enjoyed the opportunity to serve in the adoption community and be able to promote this amazing work.” (Brenda Horrocks, adoptive parent)

“We have been so grateful to be involved with United for Adoption! The support of each part, fellow adoptive couples, birthmothers, and advisors, have been so beneficial in our adoption journey! We have created lifelong friends through this organization that we will forever cherish!” (Christine Oldroyd, adoptive parent)

Unite with a community of people who are passionate about adoption and share the belief that every child deserves a loving, permanent family. Join United For Adoption and make a difference in the lives of children waiting to be adopted, expectant parent, birth parent and adoptive parents.

UFA members play a key role in promoting a culture of adoption through advocacy, social networking, blogging, and sharing with others the personal impact of adoption in their lives. Membership is open to anyone interested in adoption, adopted individuals, birth families, adoptive families, professionals, and organizations! Check out our link, and sponsoring organization.