Birth Parent Retreat – Colorado Chapter

The UFA Colorado chapter recently had a birth parent retreat. It was a great success. Here is what just a couple of the birth mothers had to say about the event.

At first I was apprehensive about going to the UFA retreat. Was I going to be judged? I didn’t really know anyone, what was I getting myself into? I am so proud and glad I pushed myself to go. I got to meet some amazing ladies who went through the same things I went through when it came to my adoption story. I found out that I’m much stronger then I thought I was and I now have an amazing connection with some strong, fearless women. I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime and it’s all thanks to taking a leap of faith and going to the UFA retreat! I cannot wait till the next one.
-Anne C.

What did the UFA birth parent retreat mean to me? It meant that I’M NOT ALONE. I was able to sit in a room full of other amazing, brave, women and with just a look into one another’s eyes (without having to utter a single word) know that they understood me. That they felt the same joys and heartache of being a birth mother that I did. That they didn’t judge me or have preconceived ideas of what a birth mom is, they just knew me because they were like me! It meant that a whole community of people gave their time and money so that we could have a retreat. It meant that my decision to give life and place for adoption was valued by others who hadn’t even ever met me! I left the UFA birth parent retreat feeling loved and accepted. I found peace there. I left with a grateful heart and renewed hope for the future.
-Sarah Y.


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