Child of My Heart: A Celebration of Adoption

By Barbara Alpert

This book is a collection of observations, poetry, experiences, and musings about adoption from every member of the triad revealing how adoption has touched and changed their lives. We liked that there wasn’t just one kind of adoption experience shared. Stories from domestic adoption, inter-country adoption, foster care, older child adoption, transracial adoption, and special needs were included. Here’s one snippet:

“Is it true,” Carey asked sullenly, “they don’t send you back ever? You get to stay here no matter what you do?”

Marcus, all freckles and red curls, gave Carey a big smile. “Yeah, that’s right. When you’re adopted, you’re gonna stay. It’s like in the super-market. If you take a bit out of a tomato, you can’t put it back.”

– Two of Ann and John Sweeney’s children, adopted from foster care, 
on the real meaning of adoption 

Each story or quote is pretty short. It’s a great book for savoring a bit at a time, like an adoption “bon bon.” A definite feel-good book, this makes a great gift for family members, birth parents, friends who are adopting, even yourself!

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