If you feel the desire to assist in the cause of adoption we encourage you to donate to any of the following adoption supporters:


1. United for Adoption: DONATE

  • Education and Outreach – Provides education to schools, hospitals, attorneys, crisis centers, doctors, church groups and other community organizations.
  • Support Activities – sponsors special events and other activities to support all members of the adoption triad and others involved in adoption.
  • Birth Parent – Assist expectant parent with living expenses during pregnancy. Provide opportunities for birth parents to continue education goals.
  • Promotion – Present adoption as a viable option for expectant parents through public service messages. Encourage media to share accurate information about adoption.


2. Hope For Fallen Leaves: DONATE

  • Help with the humanitarian needs of orphan children. They need food, medicine and other supplies. Additionally, our goal is to raise enough awareness and funds to build a home/school combination complex
  • Angel Adoption Grants:
    Hope for Fallen Leaves raises money to help financially stretched families adopt. Eligible adoptive families must be current applicants of Forever Bound Adoption. Help others realize the dream of adoption.


3. Utah Foster Care: DONATE

  • Utah Foster Care exists to provide loving and well-trained families for Utah children who are victims of physical and emotional trauma. On any given day, more than 2,600 children in our communities are in foster care because it’s not safe for them to stay in their homes. Our programs like the Wishing Well, the Giving Tree, the Annual Education Symposium, and Foster Family Camp truly help to “normalize” the childhood experience for kids; they develop skills, make friends, and build their self-esteem. Your support is crucial to the children in foster care.


4. National Council for Adoption: DONATE

  • Passionately committed to the belief that every child deserves to thrive in a nurturing, permanent family, NCFA’s mission is to meet the diverse needs of children, birth parents, adopted individuals, adoptive families, and all those touched by adoption through global advocacy, education , research, legislative action, and collaboration.
  • Our vision is a world in which all children everywhere have nurturing, permanent families.