Efforts to help Liberian children continue. Please join us!

We are continuing our efforts to help raise money for  the children in Monrovia, Liberia.
We appreciate the support from the Or So She Says Blog…you can see Mariel’s post here.
Today we the day we were going to close the fundraiser but we have decided to continue the effort.
Please take  a moment and share this fundraiser with those in your social media circles and in your real life circles.   When many donate just $5 it brings about a mighty change for those who can’t change their circumstances on their own.
Go here to donate.
Go here to learn more about Monrovia Orphans.
We will be posting more about those who care for the children later this week.  Very touching story!
Thank you for all who have donated to help these special children….the donations are in the hundreds now!  We are so excited about this!   We know we can do more…please spread the word then skip a run your favorite fast food place just one time and donate that $5 you would have spent!


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