Getting to Know the UFA Board.

Today we introduce you to the sweet and fun
Sherri Barker.
Sherri serves on our UFA Board.
We are so lucky to have her!
Sherri says:
“I placed a beautiful little girl in November of 2002.  This experience changed my life and gave me a love and passion for advocating adoption.  I have spoken in firesides, church meetings, many panels and have helped coordinate and speak at FSA National Conferences the last few years.  I have been a facilitator and volunteer in my local weekly FSA Birth Mom support group for about 4 years.  I enjoy a semi open adoption with Savannah and her family which is a highlight of my life.  I am blessed to be married to a wonderful husband and have 6 children; his, mine & ours.  We just recently enjoyed our 10th anniversary.  I serve on the UFA board.  I am currently working on publishing a book about Birth Moms with Savannah. “

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