We have been in the process for a year and a half, and are very close to being able to travel to bring home our first adopted daughter, who is 7 years old.  During this past year and a half, our whole family has prayed and waited for these girls.  We are also adopting a 12 year old girl, who we haven’t met yet.  I did this painting while waiting for them.  It is called “Home”.  It depicts our youngest daughter (youngest of 5 girls, waiting to be the youngest of 7!) holding up a small dwelling, symbolizing the home that we have ready in our hearts for our new girls.  They are in the background, waiting to come.  

“Home” by Jennifer Babcock

Adoption is one of the most beautiful miracles.  I never knew it would be something we would engage in, but when we were inspired to do it, we moved forward.  We’ve been able to witness miracle after miracle in this process.  Our hearts and minds have expanded in ways we never imagined.

– Jennifer Babcock
To see more of Jennifer’s work, you can visit her blog.

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