Owls Adopt a Toucan

Today is the day. Our online adoption art exhibit begins.

Tiffany Cunliffe uses creative talents as a way to merge her background in art education with her love of adoption.

“These illustrations were inspired by adoption. The
Owls Adopt a Toucan was the first piece I created in response to a call for art for a national adoption conference. Since then I have created several more, including custom designs for individual families. I love adoption and I have really enjoyed creating these. I am an art teacher turned stay-at-home mom, so it is always fun to have art projects going!

“The pieces are each original mixed media collage on 16″ x 20″ canvas; created using acrylic paint and decorative papers. The backgounds are created with various patterned papers. It has subtle textures, patterns, and colors that shine through the acrylic paint.”
Keep watching this art exhibit to see more of Tiffany’s work. If you’d like a print of Owls Adopt a Toucan, visit her Etsy shop.

Would you like to submit something you’ve created to our weekly art exhibit? Send it in.

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