Smile Squared

Eric and Geri Cope adopted their first child, a son, from Guatemala in 2005. Being there, and at last becoming a family there, they knew they would someday return. Five years later, they did return to Guatemala as volunteers with Buckner International. They were part of a group that hosted a dental clinic at local orphanages and community centers.

Many of the children served didn’t have toothbrushes, or even access to one in order to maintain dental hygiene that would keep them healthy and smiling. It was this trip that launched the idea behind Smile Squared.

The Copes wanted to find a way to provide toothbrushes for the vulnerable populations that they had served during their humanitarian mission. So, they developed a sustainable toothbrush. Following the example of companies like Toms and Buy1Give1, for every toothbrush sold, a toothbrush is given to a child in need.

The Copes now have a daughter, too.

image by Michelle Ross

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