UFA National Board


Terra Cooper - Chair

Hi, I’m Terra Cooper and I’m an adoptive mom to a beautiful little girl and two biological busy boys. I am a professional wedding photographer and an adoption advocate. I want to help spread as much positive adoption love as I can so my daughter can grow up in a better adoption world. We have a very open adoption with our birth parents who really are part of our family. I have found some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in the adoption world and am so excited to get to know more! I eat Ben & Jerry’s daily, have a tv addiction and get my news from Stephen Colbert. I won’t touch my belly button, or anyone elses for that matter, and would much rather eat out than cook. I’ve never made a pot roast or a turkey and don’t have any plans to do it anytime soon. I love my family more than anything, but a close second is Disneyland…with my family.


Kami Hepworth - Vice Chair

I live in Idaho with my husband and two beautiful daughters, both of whom were adopted. We have very open adoptions with both of our daughter’s birth families, which has been very rewarding for all of us. In addition to staying home with our daughters I volunteer as the secretary for the local community theatre, and do choreography for the theatre and local dance studio. I have been drawn to adoption since I was a little girl and loved the bits and pieces I learned about it growing up. Now that I have experienced adoption I see that there are many things to educate about and improve. Although I am still learning how best to advocate for adoption it has quickly become a passion. I love modern dance, playing with my girls, and mint Oreo shakes, but nothing is better than a little quality time with my family.


Kami Paul - Secretary/Treasurer

Kami lives in Syracuse with her husband Erik. They are proud parents to a beautiful girl who joined their family through the miracle of adoption. Adoption has always been close to Kami’s heart, she has two uncles and a few close friends who are adoptees. She has a deep admiration for the selflessness, courage, and pure love of birth parents. Kami’s number one favorite thing is making memories with her family. They love to travel, explore the sites near their home, and spend time with their large immediate families. Kami graduated from Utah State University with a bachelors degree in Family and Consumer Science with an Emphasis in Family Finance. She has since worked in finance, payroll, and accounting. She also volunteers with her local church community. Kami is excited to be a part of the adoption family and to continue being an adoption advocate.