Vivian is Searching for Her Forever Family


Vivian is active and athletic, and channels her energy into her favorite hobby: dancing. With a great sense of humor, you’ll often hear her sharing a laugh with others. Playing video games or watching movies are Vivian’s preferred activities when she’s ready to unwind.

School is one of Vivian’s top strengths. She is in eighth grade and performs at grade level or higher in all subjects.

Vivian is predicted to thrive with an open-minded family with a mom and a dad, a single dad, or two dads, who are willing to support a child who does not want to participate in religious activities. A home with pets, in which Vivian can be the only child, is preferred.

Family is important to Vivian. She would like to stay in touch with her brother, and aunt and uncle following placement. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

If your family can provide a loving, committed, patient environment for Vivian, we urge you to inquire. Learn more about Vivian here.


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