Welcome to our Newest Board Member, Terra Cooper

terra head shot fb2We want to welcome our newest board member, Terra Cooper!  Here’s a little bio of her so you can get to know her:

Hi, I’m Terra Cooper and I’m an adoptive mom to a beautiful little girl and two biological busy boys. I am a professional wedding photographer and an adoption advocate. I want to help spread as much positive adoption love as I can so my daughter can grow up in a better adoption world. We have a very open adoption with our birth parents who really are part of our family. I have found some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in the adoption world and am so excited to get to know more! I eat Ben & Jerry’s daily, have a tv addiction and get my news from Stephen Colbert. I won’t touch my belly button, or anyone elses for that matter, and would much rather eat out than cook. I’ve never made a pot roast or a turkey and don’t have any plans to do it anytime soon. I love my family more than anything, but a close second is Disneyland…with my family.


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