While Mary Sleeps

“For a few moments, Mary — mother of Jesus, daughter of God — rest. I will lay aside my preparations for the day and comfort the son of God. For a while longer in the early beauty of the day we will enjoy our time together, the Babe of Bethlehem and me. For a while, Mary, sleep.”

This painting, “While Mary Sleeps – Morning”, was created to honor women in their roles as mothers, but especially to honor and encourage fathers to partake of the joys of fatherhood. Joseph was not the father of Jesus but he was honored to take on the role and he dedicated himself to being the best adoptive father he could. He knew intimately the value of family and the challenges of raising such a son better than any of us today, even giving up his homeland to protect him. He was simple, humble, of princely heritage but lowly circumstances, and Mary must have adored him. The man who stood in those shoes must have been a dedicated father indeed.

– Lester Yocum, artist
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