Why Join UFA?

United alyssa 3for Adoption:
•    Gives voice, to birth parents who placed for adoption.
•    Gives adoptive children, birth parents and adoptive parents the opportunity to interact in healthy ways through social activities, promotional events and educational forums.
•    Allows questions from the community to be answered by those who have been touched personally by adoption.
•    Adoption agencies benefit by providing a place for their adoptive and birth parent clients to participate in positive ways in the adoption community.
•    Gives adoption professionals, access to continued education and to a network of other adoption advocates.

UFA was organized in 2012. United for Adoption is a non-profit advocacy organization that promotes adoption through education, outreach, support, and other activities. Every child, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a loving, nurturing, permanent family. United for Adoption serves children, birth parents, adoptive families, adoption professionals and adoption organizations. United for Adoption is under the direction of an executive board and an Advisory Board made up of members of the adoption triad and others who share a passion and a commitment to protecting the institution of adoption for future generations. Financial support is provided by fundraising activities, sponsoring agencies, organizations and individuals. UFA Chapters are springing up all over the United States with over 25 chapters organized. All member organizations and agencies operate as ethical, non-profit organizations who are in good standing in their communities. They have also pledged to play an important positive role in the community offering leadership, financial and manpower support and advocating in behalf of birth parents, children and families. We urge you to join UFA and hope you will encourage your adoption agency to join United for Adoption. Uniting together as a strong coalition we can promote sound adoption practices and laws that promote the benefits of adoption.

I hope you will see the benefits of involvement in UFA and advocacy in behalf of adoption. With UFA you can stand with others who are committed to the ethical practice of adoption, and protect the institution for future generations.

Steven A. Sunday, United for Adoption Advisory Board Chairstevesunday


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